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Well then

2011-09-05 10:05:27 by Yoshi-Dus-Not

Since my thread got locked, my own fault, Ill just post it here then.

Well then

Now Look....

2011-03-02 17:01:11 by Yoshi-Dus-Not

I have 2 choices right now, should i keep pursuing my music career dream or, pursue my artist career dream? I have a hard time choosing cause i don't know which one i'm better at so im asking you, the community, to help me choose, and the peoples voice does count.


2010-10-19 16:47:33 by Yoshi-Dus-Not

I wear tight pants and band shirts only does that make me weird?


2010-08-11 19:54:16 by Yoshi-Dus-Not

wow check out this channel every video is a fail :D


2010-07-02 20:30:48 by Yoshi-Dus-Not

newgrounds is the place to argue yay